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Welcome to Safe Lawn Organics


homepictureWhy Safe Lawn is Different

At Safe Lawn Organics, we manufacture and produce our own all-natural organic fertilizer. Our compost recipes are designed to produce the highest quality Humus Compost around. Our commitment to quality is followed into our compost liquid extraction process called Safe Tea (TM). In which our recipe is formulated to give plants and grass all the nutrients needed to thrive naturally.

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At some point every lawn owner is faced with a decision of which lawn care plan to use. There is fertilizing, watering mowing and sometimes trouble shooting problems that make up every lawn care program. At Safe Lawn we offer an organic approach to lawn care over a synthetic approach.

The Difference Between Safe Lawn and Other Lawn Treatment Companies

At Safe Lawn we are confident that we can make an environmental difference in the way we take care of our lawns. We believe in being good stewards of the environment and getting the best results possible. An organic-based lawn care program is the best way to sustain a healthy, beautiful lawn with the the least amount of work and pollution. Remember that a healthy lawn is an easy and safe lawn. The greatest advantage to an organic lawn is that once it is established, it pretty much will take care of itself. You will end up with less watering, using less fertilizer, pulling less weeds, dealing with less disease and fewer pests, and, most important of all, the lawn will be safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is a combination of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and protozoa, minerals, rock, water, air organic matter (plants and animal residue) and a variety of insects and worms that carry out a process that continually replenishes the soil and maintains long tern soil fertility. Soil building involves a soil balance approach. Start balancing the soil by using organic fertilizers that contain the materials necessary for soil building. When soil structure improves, plant health will improve, weed and pest infestation will decrease and the requirement for herbicides and pesticides will be significantly decreased or eliminated.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Treatment by Safe Lawn

  • Environmentally safe and not harmful to animals, plants & humans.
  • Improved root development and uniform growth.
  • Promotes early vigor and improved plant health.
  • Promotes residual color and density with slow even growth in a wide range of soil types and pH.
  • Stimulates indigenous soil microbes.
  • Aids in rooting, improves stress tolerance and disease management.
  • Suppresses weed growth.
  • Accelerated maturity.
  • Contains macro and micro-nutrients to buffer salts and improve soil nutrient holding capacity.
  • Provides a balanced carbon to nitrogen ratio for continuous nutrient availability and replacement of organic matter.
  • Aids in preventing disease associated with numerous fungi.
  • Ideal for use around sensitive environmental areas i.e. wetlands, streams and lakes.
  • Enhances the wear and stress tolerance of turf.
  • Improves tolerance to winter and summer stress conditions.
  • Provides protection against pathogens that attack germinating seeds and emerging seedlings.
  • Ideal for use on new turf or during renovation and over seeding.

Steps Toward a Healthy, Safe Lawn

Step 1 Soil Test:

We will meet with you to discuss the history of your lawn and pull a soil test using the Carbon Dioxide Extraction Test. This method mimics the way plants naturally take up nutrients. Your soil analysis will be used to determine your soil needs. lime, additional organic matter, or any other nutrients to cure deficiencies in your soil. You will receive a copy of your soil test with our recommendations.

Step 2 Sign up for our Safe Lawn Program

Our  Safe Lawn Program us a seven application feeding with our Safe TeaTM See our detailed program, Safe TeaTMLawn Program. We will customize a program to reNew your soil and tailored to fit your budget.

Step 3 Top Dress with Compost

This is an optional step but a very critical step in our complete Safe Lawn Program. Biology in the soil allows the fertilizers to work. A thin layer (1/4 to 1/2 inch) of our reNew Humus Compost will provide a necessary bond of biology and food.

Compost adds organic matter  to the soil along with structure and water holding ability. For really bad soils compost tea has nothing to work with. In that situation, a layer of compost may be in order. Apply compost anytime. If you have never done it, do it now!

 What Can You do to Maintain a Beautiful Lawn?

  • Start by raising the height of the lawnmower. Three to four inches is best for lawns. This allows the grass to rob little weed seedlings of much needed sunlight. If weeds can't get sun, they die out, naturally.
  • When mowing, be sure your blades are sharp and leave the clippings on the lawn. Grass clippings contain valuable nutrients and nitrogen that will be very indespensable to your lawn.
  • Watering should be done less frequently, but more deeply. Place a cup in your yard and water until you have an inch of water applied to the lawn. If the lawn is too dry to soak up that amount of water, then prime it by watering a little bit, then watering more later. Less frequent watering forces the grass roots to grow down looking for water. This allows the upper inches of soil to remain dry , starving out the weeds, yet the grass remains healthy and strong.

Fertilize and treat your lawn, trees and shrubs with a safe, organic treatment that leaves your yard usable immediately!

  • Safe for children and adults
  • Safe for pets
  • Safe for the environment

Safe Lawn Organic Lawn Treatment is the safe, responsible alternative to harsh, chemical lawn treatments. We proudly serve the Wiregrass area in Alabama including Enterprise, Troy, Dothan, Ozark, Opp and the surrounding areas.